Erosella NightLife Collection
Sep. 21.

Model number [Lacy02 BlkPU] – Erosella Skin Tight Soft Stretch Thigh Boots BLACK PU

Size – UK Size – EU
UK size 3 EU Size 36

Product Details

LACY 02 – Best Selling Sexy Lace Top Erosella ‘Skin Tight’ Soft Stretch PU Thigh Boots –

These boots are available in sizes 3/36

Please state the size you require when placing an order ‘3 Way’ – these ‘Pull On’ Thigh Boots

are made of soft Stretch PU and can be worn ‘3 Ways’.

They can be worn with the lace pulled up, the lace tucked in or the lace can be folded over the boot leg –

depending on your mood!!

HEEL / SOLE – These Boots have a 4 inch (10 cm) Silver Heel and Black Resin Sole

COLOURS – Available in Soft Stretch Black or White ‘Leather Look’ PU or Black Patent



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